Heartland Charging Services FAQs

Wondering what type of EV chargers you should install? Curious about what types of incentives are available to electrify your business? Our team of EV charging experts is happy to help.

Grants, rebates and tax credits are available to businesses interested in adding EV charging infrastructure. 

Our team is happy to help you navigate EV charging rebates, grants and tax credits. You could qualify for incentives from the state or federal government, utility companies and many other sources. Learn more about grants, rebates, tax credits and more

Having an EV-ready infrastructure in place at your LEED project will save you money down the road. LEED credits are available for installation and EV charging infrastructure, so including it at the start is always a smart plan. 

We have three primary public charging pricing models that are being utilized throughout the country today for EV charging infrastructure. We will work with your organization to create a plan that works best for today and tomorrow. These three plans are as follows: (1) pay as you go, (2) monthly subscriptions and (3) free.

Heartland Charging Services offers comprehensive lifecycle management service packages for Level 2 and Level 3 EV charging stations that include software licensing, a communications data plan, twice-yearly preventive maintenance, and outage response. our EV maintenance team is experienced and ready to ensure your EV chargers remain active. 

Heartland Charging is committed to community development, and local workforce development is key to that commitment. We chose the name Heartland Charging Services because the values of the Heartland of America are important to us. It is our goal to create jobs locally with preferences toward giving opportunities to minority groups and veterans. 

Unlike gas stations, which are located virtually everywhere, the supply of EV charging stations has yet to keep up with demand. This means that by installing EV chargers, you are putting your company on the map of the emerging EV market.

By adding EV infrastructure to your business, you’re also providing a valuable amenity to a growing segment of the automobile market while adding a cutting-edge, green dimension to your corporate image. Plus, with the federal infrastructure bill setting aside $5 billion for the development of EV infrastructure, the electric vehicle industry will be growing exponentially in America in the coming years. 

80% of most EV charging happens at home or at the workplace. Your employees will value the ability to charge their electric vehicles while at work.