EV Maintenance + Outage Response Services

EV charging system maintenance is at the core of Heartland Charging Services’ business model. We help clients ensure minimal outage time with preventative maintenance measures. Learn more about our EV charger maintenance and support services.

Maintenance + Outage Response Services

Heartland Charging Services offers comprehensive lifecycle management service packages for Level 2 and Level 3 EV charging stations that include software licensing, a communications data plan, twice-yearly preventive maintenance, and outage response.


Proactive Preventive Maintenance

EV charging stations are exposed to the elements and other sources of wear and tear. Twice yearly inspection and preventive maintenance can reduce downtime and catch emerging issues before they become problems. We perform comprehensive checks of all system equipment, including:

  • Electric components
  • Cables
  • Cable management system
  • Plugs
  • Ground
  • Signage
  • Point of sale
  • Communications networking

Outage Response Plans

Basic Standard Mission Critical
On-call Response Time
7 days
72 hours
24 hours
Preventive Maintenance Visits

Mission Critical

Our technicians will be on site and diagnose the problem within 24 hours. Downtime and outages are more than an inconvenience—they impact your brand and mission. Getting your critical charger back in service as soon as possible will be our top priority.



Our technicians will be on site and diagnose the problem within 72 hours. A good balance between time and cost of response.



Our technicians will be on site and diagnose the problem within 7 daysA good value for less critical charger locations.


  • Prices shown are price per unit (post) per year starting in year 2 through year 6.  5-year plan pricing shown.
  • All Inclusive of Software License, Communications Data Plan, Preventative Maintenance, and Outage Response. No hidden fees or maintenance costs for any standard use, consumables, and/or normal wear and tear.
  • This reduces and fixes your out-of-pocket expenses and insures fully working systems for your customers.
  • The only thing you chose is the outage response time based on how quickly you want us to be onsite getting your charger back in service.