Heartland Charging Services
Software + Communication

Heartland Charging Services offers sophisticated software solutions so our clients have maximum flexibility. Manage and report on your EV charging stations effortlessly with our wireless network solution.

Our network solution is a smart and sophisticated electric vehicle charging station that is wirelessly networked. This is vital, especially for commercial applications, so that you can effectively manage and report on your stations. It allows both station owners and drivers to track driving and charging sessions. Whether you’re looking to add two charging stations or a network of charging stations, Heartland Charging and Blink Charging adhere to open standards like OCPP and open ADR 2.0b that provide station owners maximum flexibility.

Blink Charging has a comprehensive Cyber-Supply Chain Risk Management (C-SCRM) plan that covers our information security operations. We are in the process of achieving ISO 27001 certification for our engineering/software team (final certification scheduled for April ‘22).

Blink Charging is the only US hardware and software provider who is OCPP 1.6 certified and Open ADR 2.0b compliant software that allows for high end integration into multiple API enterprise platforms such as energy, parking, fueling, and fleet management software. All Blink Charging retail chargers are also CTEP certified. Blink Charging solutions support OCPP Security, HTTPS-WSS standard for security and perform periodic security audits. Our software encrypts PII data and complies with the PCI standard.

Our chargers comply with all industry charging security standards and can provide cybersecurity scanning test results/logs and network-level penetration results upon request. Our best-in-class software protects all customer and charging information by encrypting data at all steps whether data is at rest or transmitting. We protect all personally identifiable information (PII) and charging-related information using strong protocols for authentication and authorization.

Heartland Charging Services Technology, screenshot showing management of EV charging stations