EV Charging Planning, Sales + Installation

Heartland Charging Services is your partner in your EV charging journey. We help you plan your system, we provide you with EV charging equipment, and we offer ongoing maintenance plans to guarantee EV charging uptime for our clients.


Site Assessment


Budgetary & Final Estimates

Consulting Services

Owner’s Representation

ROI Analysis for Fleet & Company Vehicles

Government Incentives and Tax Credits

Charging as a Service Options

Leasing & Finance Options

Grid Capacity Assessments and Upgrade Planning


Hardware & Software Procurement


Software Optimization

Dedicated Software Support

Electrical Buildout & Installation

EV Construction (Installation)

EV Infrastructure Network & Communication Services

Onboarding & Training

Dedicated Customer Service & Support

Smart Load Balancing


Preventative Maintenance 

Outage Response 

Hot Swap Program

Certified EV Supply Equipment Technicians

Our Fleet and Equipment

We are the top reseller of Blink’s EV charging solutions. Learn why Heartland Charging Services is the leader in EV charging system installation and maintenance throughout the Midwest.

Portable Mobile Charger
Level 2 Generator-Powered
Mobile EV Charger

Heartland Charging Services HQ200

Q Series HQ200
Level 2 Smart
Home Charger

Q Series IQ200
Level 2
Fast Charger

Q Series MQ200
Level 2 Fast Charger
for Fleet or Multi-Unit 

Series 7 and 7+
High-Powered Level 2
EV Charging
(credit card reader optional)

Series 8 and 8+
High-Powered Level 2
Fast Charging with
Credit Card Functionality

Tellus 60kW – 360kW

High Performance
DC Fast Charging

180 kW

High Performance DC Fast Charging for fleets