Heartland Charging Services' Commitment to Community + Veterans

Heartland Charging Services is committed to improving our communities and supporting veterans in everything we do, from hiring to how we run our business.

We believe that everyone deserves the benefits of electric vehicles, no matter where they are geographically. Electric vehicles offer lower operating costs, reduced maintenance needs, and improved performance. 


All communities, including communities of color, underserved communities and veteran communities, should have equal access to the economic opportunities and improved air quality that come with electric vehicles. 


Heartland Charging Services’ mission is built on being environmentally conscious with a commitment to serving all communities. 

Our Partners

Committed to Community

We work closely with local workforce development centers and other resources to create partnerships to train and hire talented members of our communities where we build. We believe that everyone deserves a fair chance to join the Heartland Charging Services team. 

Committed to Veterans

We’re veterans, and we’re committed to hiring veterans. Our culture is a great fit for service members transitioning. We bring a mission-focused attitude from our time in service. Our mission now is to electrify America.