Blink Charging announces acquisition of SemaConnect

Blink Charging SemaConnect, graphic announcing that Blink acquired SemaConnect showing someone charging their EV

Blink Charging announced the strategic acquisition of SemaConnect. The acquisition allows for Blink to continue to grow as an EV leader throughout the world with its complete vertical integration of supply chain, engineering and in-house manufacturing capabilities. 


The U.S.-based assembly of EV chargers and in-house manufacturing keeps Blink in compliance with the Biden Administration’s Buy America initiatives. 


Blink’s acquisition of SemaConnect makes it only EV charger company with  complete vertical integration


Blink’s acquisition of SemaConnect adds nearly 13,000 EV chargers to its footprint. It also allows Blink to the be the only EV charging company with a complete vertical integration from research and development, to manufacturing, to EV charger ownership and operation. This allows Blink to accelerate its goals to get more EV chargers to the market quicker while keeping costs down for consumers. 


Engineering team nearly doubled


In addition to putting Blink Charging in a fantastic position with its vertical integration, Blink has nearly doubled its engineering team by taking on SemaConnect’s talented team. The goal is to transition all SemaConnect EV chargers to a single state-of-the-art EV charging network by working with the join engineering team. 


Heartland Charging Services now partnered with Blink Charging


As part of Blink Charging’s acquisition of SemaConnect, Heartland Charging Services is now strategically partnered with Blink for our EV charging infrastructure. This means that we can help you and your business plug into this rapidly growing network with the benefit of the only vertically integrated EV charging company. 


When you choose Heartland Charging Services to help with the planning, installation and maintenance of your EV infrastructure, you’re getting the benefit of Blink’s growing network and team. Blink is equipped to comply with the Biden Administration’s Made-in-America initiative for its national network of EV chargers, which means the benefit of the $7.5 billion investment in EV chargers and a national network. 


Contact our team today to schedule your on-site consultation to be sure you’re on the forefront of the new national EV network.