EV Charging Solutions for Auto Dealerships

The Heartland Charging Services team has helped 70+ dealerships with EV charging infrastructure. We'll be with you from bolt to volt.

We Create Your Plan

Heartland Charging Services offers free on-site consultations to plan the best EV charging solution for each auto dealership. Our team of EV charging experts includes electricians, plumbers, and a variety of professionals to help you save money and create the ideal EV charger plan for your business.

We Provide the Installation

Our experienced EV charging professionals oversee the installation process to ensure the best long-term EV charging solutions for your auto dealership. Our local installation team keeps the process efficient and simple to keep you compliant without the extra long-distance headaches.

We Maintain Your System

The Heartland Charging Services team plans your system, provides the installation and then maintains your EV chargers. After installation, we offer a 24-hour on-site outage response for our EV charging systems. We don't just install EV chargers and disappear; we keep you charging forward.

Electric vehicles are the future. Is your dealership ready?

Heartland Charging Services is an authorized Blink Charging partner. We’re located in the heart of Ohio and plan, provide and maintain EV charging services for auto dealerships throughout the Midwest. Our team of EV charging professionals has helped more than 70 auto dealerships strategically plan and install their EV charging systems. 

What You Get with Heartland Charging Services

Heartland Charging Services auto dealership authorized partners include: