Heartland’s EV Charger Maintenance Featured in Business First

Heartland Charging Services EV maintenance, graphic with electrician working on EV chargers

Columbus Business First featured Heartland Charging Services recently to highlight our EV charger maintenance plans. 


Reporter Dan Eaton explains that Heartland Charging Services doesn’t want to just be the ideal EV charger installation company; our plan is to be available to maintain and fix EV chargers, too. 


Heartland Charging Services’ CEO Jeffrey Brock describes our EV charging maintenance solutions as “day two reliability.” 


As more EV charging stations are added throughout America via programs like the tax credits encouraging electrification via the Inflation Reduction Act, reliable maintenance will become more critical. 


The Business First article explains that we hope to be the Midwest’s go-to EV charger installation and maintenance option with a focus on education along the way. Our in-market technicians are able to service EV charging stations within 24 hours while most companies rely on contract electricians who can’t fix issues as quickly. 


Heartland Charging Services currently has a presence in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan. Some of our local customers include Bath & Body Works, Germain, Ricart and Byers


The Heartland Charging Services team is working with multifamily developers, cities and municipalities. We’re also focusing on working with apartment complexes because it’s especially difficult for renters to charge their EVs unless they have chargers available to them at home. 


Electric vehicles are growing rapidly among American car owners. A 2022 McKinsey report projected that EV charging needs nationwide by 2030 will be at least 20 times the current offering. 


Ohio currently has about 1,500 EV chargers deployed. The state will need roughly 18,000 more EV chargers to meet the demand. 


If you’d like to learn how the Heartland Charging Services team can install and maintain EV chargers for your business or home, please contact us today